Option 1: Supplier/Product Development

Establishing new supply for your new product ideas is tricky! Legacy knows where to start and who to engage to take your idea through final engineering, tooling, packaging, assembly, shipping, etc. Legacy connects all the unrelated dots overseas to make your ideas a reality and your workdays easier. Any engineering needed is billed out at a competitive hourly rate and a small margin is added to production for ongoing supply chain management and our all-inclusive delivered quote.

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Option 2: Represented Turnkey Sourcing

Sourcing from China is a crapshoot. Everyone says “no problem” until there is a problem! Let Legacy represent your needs and find a real factory and a factory qualified to meet those specific needs. With our help you’ll get it right the first time and save yourself money, time, and troubles. A smaller margin is added to production for ongoing supply chain management and our all-inclusive delivered quote.

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Option 3: Go Direct with Legacy Partners

With select trusted supplier partners, Legacy can now offer an experience closer to “factory direct” pricing but with all the benefits of a USA-based engineer liaison. Legacy will introduce, setup, and manage the supply but you will pay the factory directly and assume all associated risks. Legacy can even coordinate the international logistics for you and deliver to door for a flat fee. Legacy is paid a small fee by our partner factory for our 2-way representation.

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Legacy Imports works with product companies to understand, develop, and manage supply chains that save time and overhead while avoiding costly mistakes. Our teams include engineers, merchandisers and logistics experts; all managed from the United States.

Just as a patent attorney focuses on the process and practice of law irrespective of specific patents, Legacy focuses on the process and practice of supply chain management between the US and Asia, applicable to any product.

Step 1: Consult

Understanding YOUR specifics is important to establishing a well-matched and qualified supply chain! Legacy’s US engineer needs to learn YOUR product and critical issues. He then helps prioritize fast, cheap, and good along with the “why” behind YOUR needs. Our technical manager in Asia needs those details to search for and find YOUR supplier match. Once assigned, that same manager acts as YOUR surrogate at Asian factories. If the right information was collected, it is like you are there yourself!

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Step 2: Qualify

We don’t squeeze YOUR unique product into an existing partner. We use a 5:3:1 recipe to search our networks and resources for 5+ matches, based upon YOUR compatibility. We ignore high and low competitive bids, focusing energy on qualifying the middle 3+ contenders for YOUR best fit. That involves sampling, traveling, and referencing. In the end, our Asia manager recommends to our US engineer only 1 perfect factory that best matches all YOUR defined criteria.

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Step 3: Quote

Sourcing overseas is more complicated than just a factory's price! Many variables affect YOUR "delivered" cost and Legacy estimates the logistics in advance, quoting YOUR total cost of importation. We will not quote "X" if only "Y" fits in the ocean container. We will offer pricing optimized for ocean container quantities. The result is all-inclusive pricing that is thoughtfully prepared with all Duties and delivery costs included to YOUR door, without surcharges or loopholes.

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Step 4: Manage

Factory liaisons will always represent their factory’s interests and you are too remote to properly manage YOUR own! Legacy will better represent YOUR interests because we go inside the factories and know the unique cultural landscapes in Asia. We know how to manage YOUR intellectual property, how to motivate, and when to leverage. If a supply chain is only as strong as its weakest link, then you should utilize Legacy's expertise to actively manage YOUR supplier relationships allowing you to focus on YOUR customers!

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Step 5: Inspect

Quality can drift. Producing a few samples is easy, but maintaining that quality across production runs is harder. You need Legacy as YOUR surrogate for the sample reviews, Asian supplier audits, QC inspections, and the shipment approvals! We know where to look, we look through an American quality “lens” and inspect according to established AQL standards. We independently inspect every shipment to protect YOUR interests and ensure there are no surprises at YOUR doorstep 30+ days later!

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Step 6: Logistics

Understanding and navigating international logistics can be complicated. Legacy uses a “push-pull” methodology whereby our Asian logistics team pushes YOUR shipment onto the water and our US group pulls it through delivery. Suppliers work with Asia team who hand-off to our US team who deliver to our client in a coordinated flow. Our Asia team knows how to navigate the overseas issues. Our US group has the expertise to navigate US Customs, regulations, warehousing, rail, and trucking to YOUR door.

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